Orioles bobbleheadsCLARKtoys, a top manufacturing company for modern day sports collectibles, recently announced a new line of MLB bobbleheads honoring Hall of Famers in Cooperstown.

The Orioles collection set, exclusively numbered out of only 300 made (#’d/300), includes Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver, and Cal Ripken, Jr.  Each bobblehead is featured on a Hall of Fame plaque base with each individual holding and trophies from their careers.  And for any awards they are not holding, their is a representation on their base for others.  For example, the Jim Palmer figure is shown holding two Cy Young Awards, but on the base are three World Series trophies along with a third Cy Young Award.

CLARKtoys is a relatively unknown name in Baltimore mostly because they have gained relevance in the collecting community with their involvement in MLB championship team bobbleheads and other exclusive pieces in major collecting cities like San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.  With this line, CLARKtoys looks to popularize their name in Baltimore with a high quality product.  And with a set that is only produced to a count of 300 total, this is definitely a great collectible to add to your shelves.

At first glance, their website only shows two teams being represented, the Baltimore Orioles and Milwaukee Brewers.After making contact with a representative at CLARKtoys, it is evident that the new product line is currently in a test stage and no new teams or players will be revealed or sold until the market is gauged with these few, so it is quite an honor that Baltimore was chosen as a test channel for these figurines.

An even bigger point of interest at first glance of this set is that CLARKtoys did not include Eddie Murray and Frank Robinson in the set.  The company representative noted that there are no plans as of now to include either of those two unless the demand were to rise.  I’m not sure how the selection process went down at company headquarters, nor am I one to throw around any accusations, but it makes one curious as to why those two were left out.  Eddie is certainly a fan favorite in Baltimore, maybe even more so than any of the four included depending on who you ask.

The HOF set is priced at $129.99 and is marked to ship around August, but don’t expect any of these to still be available at that time.  I would expect them to sell out by mid-summer at the latest, especially with the option to buy the bobbleheads individually for $39.99 a piece.

And for any of you Ravens fans out there, there are two very well made pieces out now by CLARKtoys that may draw your interest.  While Forever Collectibles is releasing their full line of 19 player bobbleheads for the Super Bowl victory, CLARKtoys has a limited (#’d/500) Ray Lewis bobblehead commemorating his first Super Bowl victory back in 2000 when bobbleheads weren’t exactly a mainstream collectible.  The other is a Ray Lewis “last dance” bobblehead (#’d/300).

Avi Miller is a Journalism student at Stevenson University, avid bobblehead collector and follower of the Baltimore Orioles with a strong interest in Minor League Baseball and an obscure fascination with bullpen catchers. Follow him on Twitter @AviMillerBSR.