In the midst of the biggest off season expectations in Ravens history, Baltimore’s first two draft picks have caused some early worry. Sergio Kindle fell down two flights of stairs, injuring his head and Terrence Cody failed the club’s conditioning test.

While fans have been concerned about Cody’s shape, they need not worry. The run stuffing nose tackle was drafted at a thick 370 pounds, but, upon the Ravens request reported to camp around 350 pounds.

“Every year, certain guys struggle with that.There’s a certain level of expectation of conditioning that goes with being an NFL player, especially for this team,” head Coach John Harbaugh told the media today.

It’s no surprise that Cody flunked the conditioning test Harbaugh explained. “We expect all our guys to be in world-class shape. So, he’ll be in world-class shape soon enough.”

If Cody isn’t able to pass the test soon it will become a concern, but for now he’s set back just one day and hasn’t alarmed his coaches or training staff.