Welcome to our newest feature on BaltimoreSportsReport.com, the comments of the week. There’s plenty of circular arguments, historical references and just plain awesome comments thrown around BSR every week. We though we’d highlight three of them for you to re-discuss.

So Long Dave Trembley, Hello Juan Samuel!

i think in season firings can light a fire under a team but when it continues that you fire your manager in the middle of the season, it makes for a bad precedent. I mean it pretty much means you don’t actually search to find a replacement but instead find someone already on the coaching staff. I think the Orioles need to look outside the walls of Camden Yards this year to get some fresh new blood in the managerial role. – Greggulator

Ken Griffey, Jr. In Perspective

That Sunday night the Mariners defeated the Yankees in the Kingdome to win the Wild Card series was one a the coolest things Ol’ Bruz has ever seen on the telly…Junior scoring from first on Edgar Martinez’s double in the bottom of the 11th…Wow! – Ol’ Bruz

VIDEO: Galarraga’s perfect game blown by poor call

OK, this is the perfect moment to discuss the stupidity of performance enhancing runs and the sacredness of numbers to baseball purists. There is no one who doesn’t know with absolute certainty that this kid pitched a perfect game, yet MLB will BS about no way to change the call. PEDs put a stink on the record books?? Please, spare me. Fix this by fiat. It’s a GAME. No life and death, no role models for the kids. Just do the right thing. Who will be upset? – Mike D