The Ravens lost defensive end Cory Redding to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday.  On his way out the door, Redding thanked Ravens fans “for an amazing time at M&T Bank Stadium” and sent a message to his critics.

“To all the people who acted like CHILDREN when they heard I was leaving…GROW UP!!” he tweeted.  “This is a business, I did my job so chill out!

Clearly, Redding didn’t take too kindly to some of the comments he received from Ravens fans on Twitter.  In my opinion, any celebrity or athlete that puts themselves out there publicly online shouldn’t take offense to comments they get thrown their way.

Redding should’ve taken his money and turned the other cheek, not told fans to “GROW UP.”

$17.5 million over three years should be more than enough for him to get over some heckling Ravens fans.