Chris Davis crushed his second home run of the season on Wednesday, an Earl Weaver special in the first inning of game two against the Tampa Bay Rays. Davis’ gave the O’s an early 3-0 lead on Wednesday with home run number two and his three-run bomb in the 7th inning on Opening Day helped lead the Orioles to a 7-4 victory.

In 2012, Davis belted a career high 33 home runs hitting his furthest shot 445 feet off James Shields in Tropicana Field. On the BSR Podcast this week we predicted Davis’ home run total and agreed that if he remains healthy he has a great chance of hitting 40 bombs.

Home Runs Hit On Eutaw Street At Camden Yards

After seeing him hit two in two days, it’s hard to argue with that 40 homer potential. Of course, it’s a long season and no one expects one per day. But what I’m wondering now is if Davis can become the first player to hit the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards during a game. He certainly has shown the power to do so.

Only 62 home runs have been hit to Eutaw Street since 1992. Ken Griffey Jr. is the only player to hit the Warehouse, but he did so during the home run derby in ’93. Griffey’s homer was hit 465 feet and traveled over the flag court in right field. Miguel Cabrera hit the furthest home run of the 2012 season at Camden Yards at 451 feet, but it was hit the straightaway centerfield. The furthest ball ever hit on to Eutaw Street during a game came off the bat of Henry Rodriguez in 1997, a 443 foot homer, 22 feet from Griffey’s.

Chris Davis 2012 Home Runs
Chris Davis’ home runs in 2012

Based on the measurements of several balls hit on to Eutaw Street, I’ve estimated that the distance between the outfield wall in right field and the Warehouse is 120 feet, which means that a hitter could reach that old brick building will a towering home run over the right field stands. The wall in right is 318 feet, so in theory a 438 foot home run could hit the Warehouse.

A homer hit just to the left of the stands in right field would likely be the easiest way to hit the Warehouse, as it wouldn’t have to clear the stands, and according to my calculations a 455 foot shot should suffice from the correct angle.

The furthest homer Davis has ever hit actually came against the Orioles in 2009. It was a 452 foot blast on April 26 against Brad Bergesen. Davis hit the ball the centerfield.

The stars would have to align for Davis to hit the Warehouse, but he probably has the best chance of any Oriole this season. He’s a power hitting lefty who plays 81 games in Camden Yards and based on the pitch he hit out on Wednesday, he’s strong enough to drive anything out of the ballpark. If the wind is blowing out in right field, maybe he makes history.

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