I stopped listening to the most local sports talk radio when Mark Viviano left his show on 105.7 The Fan.  I used to tune in every morning and get what I considered to be the most fair analysis of Baltimore Sports, but sadly those days are gone.

When I would chat with sports fans about Viviano’s show many tell me that his co-host, Damon Yaffe, drove them away.  Personally, I always found the duo to be an odd fit together.  You had the mild-mannered, well spoken out-of-town perspective from Viv blended with the filterless, controversial commentary from “The Bulldog.”

Now Yaffe has found a new home on 1570 AM WNST.  The local sports talker announced that he will be hosting a two-hour daily show with Paul Mittermeier and Greg March weekdays from 10 AM-12 PM.

“Yaffe’s crew will focus on all Baltimore sports with fun conversation, guests and lots of banter about the state of the local sporting universe including the Orioles, Ravens, Terps and local lacrosse,” WNST posted on their website.

NST has seen quite a bit of turnover in years past.  They cut ties with Bob Haynie last year who signed on with 105.7 joining former AM alums Jeremy Conn and Rob Long.