No matter what Baltimore Orioles fans complain about, GM Dan Duquette is sticking with his beliefs about his young pitchers’ development.

Some backstory: it’s been noted all season that Orioles top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy has been forbidden to throw his cutter this season.  Bundy has told the organization that the cutter is his best pitch, but Duquette believes that working on the development of that pitch will hinder Bundy’s growth on other pitches.

“First of all, the cut fastball, we don’t like it as a pitch, OK?,” Duquette told’s Steve Melewski.  “And we don’t like it for young pitchers because it takes away from the development of their curveball, which is a better pitch long-term and also, the velocity of their fastball. So we encourage development of an overhand breaking ball that has depth along with command of their fastball and, of course, velocity and movement will get the hitter out.”

When you think cutter, you think Mariano Rivera.  The future Hall of Fame closer has made a career off one effective pitch.  It’s tough to stomach the Orioles taking away such a powerful threat from Bundy.  But Duquette explains the enigma that is Mo.

“That’s a fastball. That’s a fastball. That’s his only pitch, he’s a one-pitch wonder. It’s his fastball,” Duquette said. “Name me all the pitchers in the big leagues that make a living with a cut fastball? Rivera’s is a fastball. It moves.”

I hear you, DD.  And I’m glad to see the Birds GM sticking with his plan.