The Cincinnati Reds are collecting failed Orioles pitchers at an alarming rate. First, there was the alarming news that Kevin Gregg was being paid to “pitch.”

I’ve said enough about this guy. “The Protestor” is one of my least favorite ballplayers of all time.


Daniel Cabrera is another former Oriole who – after bouncing around the majors, the minors, and Japan, has signed a minor league deal with the Reds.

Cabrera seemingly had it all: the size, the velocity… just not the control. He showed flashes of putting it together, with notable wins in Yankee Stadium, flirting with no-hitters on several occasions.

Outside of that, he wasn’t very good. Cabrera made 146 starts for some very bad Baltimore teams, from 2004-2008. He spent 2009 in the National League, which led to some of the most magical moments of his career:


Here’s to hoping for a little more entertainment from Cabrera in 2015.