According to Roch Kubatko of MASN Sports, Dariel Alvarez has agreed to start a pitching program in Spring Training to become a relief pitcher.

This may come as a surprise to Orioles fans because it was widely talked about how Alvarez could one day be a starting outfielder for the team or at least be a bat off of the bench.

The idea of him becoming a power hitter seems to have slowly faded away as his power numbers have decreased year by year in Norfolk. In 2015, Alvarez had 16 HR’s with a .424 SLG% with the Tides but both of those fell to 4 HR’s and a .384 SLG% in 2016.

One benefit to seeing Alvarez maybe become a reliever is his arm. In 2015, he was one of 15 outfielders to hit 100 MPH on a throw into the infield. In only 81 innings and with 17 chances at a play, that is impressive.

It is also being reported that other teams were interested in Alvarez as a pitcher before the Orioles signed him to be an outfielder.

I am eager to see how this experience will turn out. Alvarez is 28 and does not seem to need as much time as Mychal Givens needed to become a full fledged pitcher so the age factor should not be too much of a concern. Alvarez will also reportedly DH at times to stay up with hitting.