Mark Teixeira sucks. Art Modell got ripped off yet again by the hall of fame. The Ravens haven’t had a week off since September 14.

You can’t turn on sports talk radio in this town without hearing bitching about all of the above. Please fans, I’m begging you. Shut up.

There is so much good going on right now.

As far as Teixeira goes I encourage everyone to boo the hell out of him opening day. Don’t let him hear the end of it. Tex was the kid that drove you crazy when you were ten years old…while you were rooting for the home team he jumped on the bandwagon. But he never wanted to be here. Don’t blame the Orioles. They made him a very reasonable offer. He wanted to go to New York.

Art Modell is a Baltimore hero. He brought football back into a town that deserved it and was snubbed by everyone else, but he will not make the Hall of Fame while he is alive. It is horrible to say. It is really sad, but it is very true.

As far as the bye week goes, why do we care? The Ravens are rolling right now, and I firmly believe that best team in football doesn’t necessarily win…the hottest team does. Let’s go into Tennessee and pull out a victory and not cry about how the NFL ripped us off.

Look on the bright side Baltimore, there’s a lot of good going on right now.