For my money, Mark Viviano has the best sports talk show on the air waves in Baltimore. His co-host however tends to step over the line from time to time. Credit Damon the bulldog Yaffe for speaking his mind and giving his honest opinion of Rick Dempsey. Yaffe said, “I’m not impressed,” that Dempsey was “grandfathered in” that he doesn’t know guys names, etc. “I’ll tell him to his face,” Yaffe said.

Rick heard Damon loud and clear and showed up at 105.7 to discuss it in person.

The Baltimore faithful love Rick Dempsey, he’s a local hero, and a number of fans have shown their support for Dempsey as the Orioles manager. Rick has been outspoken about the job this go-around, he’s interviewed for it in the past, but now he’s being loud and clear about his stance on the job.

“You don’t know what my opinions of running the team is,” Rick told Yaffe when he showed up. “You wanna judge me as a manager based how I analyze a game,” Dempsey asked.  He went on to explain his stance and his pitch on why he would be a good manager.

Here is the audio of Dempsey crashing The Mark Viviano Show. What do you think of Rick showing up and do you believe he’s a real candidate for manager?