Denver Mayor Hancock injures himself while warming up for Ray Lewis danceTalk about adding insult to injury — or maybe injury to insult. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock injured himself while warming up to do the Ray Lewis dance.

Hancock lost a bet to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and was supposed to perform Lewis’ famous dance. A spokeswoman for Hancock says he is “expected to be on the field in the second half, ready to carry out the game plan and fulfill his end of the wager.”

He better.

I’m not quite sure how you would injury yourself warming up for a dance. Although I’m not sure why Peyton Manning would throw a pass right into Corey Graham’s hands during overtime either.

In addition to watching Hancock dance, Denver is also sending a box of dry aged “cowboy cut” rib-eye steaks from Lombardi Brothers Meats” to Baltimore. They sound a hell of a lot better than Rocky Mountain oysters.