In a lot of ways the Ravens dumped many of their annoyances on the New York Jets.  Here, take Rex Ryan and his loud mouth.  Here, take Bart Scott and his boneheaded penalties.  Here, take Derrick Mason and his chipper attitude and short fuse.

Things aren’t quite peachy in New York as the Jets lost their second straight game and fell behind the red hot Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.  After the beating that they took in front of the whole country on Sunday night, former Ravens wide receiver and current Jets problem, Derrick Mason, began complaining about his new team.

“Somebody has got to man up and say, ‘Hey we’ve got to get this done,'” Mason said according to the New York Post.  “You saw it, there are some cracks, and nobody really wants to identify the cracks,” he added.  “Until we identify the cracks, we’re going to keep having the same problems. Whenever somebody wants to fill up the cracks, then we can continue to move forward.”

Crack[s] kill.

Mason added that the Jets defense “did a hell of a job,” but that turnovers costed them the game.  “We’ll go home and regroup as quickly as possible for the next game.”