Former Orioles first baseman Raphael Palmeiro continued his Hall of Fame campaign on Tuesday. Palmeiro tested positive for steroids in 2005 and continues his claim that a vitamin shot he received tainted his results in the drug test.

I took B-12 I got from a teammate, I took it to my house and my wife gave me an injection and I threw the stuff away, and that was the end of it. … A week after the positive test, I took another test and it came back negative. Whatever was in my body was there for a short period of time, and I played the rest of the season clean or whatever you want to call it. But I am sure that doesn’t matter. A positive test is a positive test.”

Palmeiro’s career numbers took a spike in the mid-90’s when he went from averaging 14 homers a year his first seven seasons to averaging 41.4 between 1995-2003.

Despite his campaigning, Palmeiro shouldn’t expect the make the Hall, at least this go around. His finger wag to Congress became the poster for the steroid era in baseball and despite his explanation there aren’t a many people who believe he wasn’t shooting up.

We’ll find out what the writers think today at 2 PM.

Do you think Palmeiro will ever make the Hall of Fame?