The Ravens number one draft pick, cornerback Jimmy Smith, is looking to sign with Baltimore with a number of off-the-field run-ins with the law.  Smith told the media that he’s looking to start fresh during his professional career, but fans and experts wonder if Smith will seek out trouble just as he did in college at Colorado.

Howard Eskin, a sports radio personality on WIP AM in Philadelphia, was a guest on 105.7 The Fan with Ken Weinman and Vinny Cerrato and he believes that John Harbaugh was not comfortable with drafting Smith and that is what caused the confusion during the Ravens pick.

“You know those background checks they do,” Eskin asked.  “Man, it didn’t come up pretty.”

“I don’t think he (John Harbaugh) really wanted him, that’s why there was all that confusion at that pick.”

Eskin said he hasn’t had a chance to ask Harbaugh personally, but that he knows him and would like to ask face to face rather than via a text message.

“He had problems — he was struggling with the character issues, he really was.”  “And once the Eagles got past their place in the draft, I think there was communication between John (Harbaugh) and the Eagles people to try to find out a little about this guy because they know that the Eagles did look at him and I think he had some real reservations with that.”

Obviously, Eskin’s area of expertise is the Eagles, another team that passed on drafting Smith.

“They never, never had an intention, Andy Reid is into character people.”