Michael Irvin might have completely glossed over thirty years of NFL history in Baltimore.  The NFL Network analyst chimed in on this week’s most popular topic — no, not the Super Bowl — Peyton Manning’s future in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has publicly gone back and forth with franchise quarterback Peyton Manning about respecting the organization’s image.  “I don’t think it’s in a good interested to paint the horseshoe in a negative light,”  Irsay said.

Irvin chimed in, “The horseshoe is first? The horseshoe is nothing before Peyton got here.”

Perhaps it was nothing in Indianapolis, but that isn’t the case in Baltimore.

“This horseshoe was garbage without Peyton — it was garbage when he got here and garbage when he left here this season,” he said according to Nate Davis of USA Today.

Greatest game ever played?  Super Bowl V?  Johhny Unitas, Alan Ameche, John Mackey, Don Shula, Art Donovan, Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell?  Help me out.  Anything ringing a bell?

It’s unclear whether Irvin was referencing the Colts franchise in Indianapolis or whether he forgot about the franchise’s relocation from Baltimore by Jim Irsay’s dear ol’ dad. Either way, hearing someone say the “horseshoe was garbage” is like a punch in the gut to the Baltimore Colts fans.