Did you know that Dave Trembley knows Lou Montanez? No I mean like, he knew him before Baltimore. Turns out these guys go way back…I didn’t know that.

I read this little piece in the News Journal Online about the history that Trembley and Montanez have and it turns out that it goes all the way to days in Chicago.


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

About 6 and a half years ago Lou went as Luis and he was a struggling first round draft choice of the Cubs playing under Trembley in Daytona.

After nine seasons Trembley was let go by the Cubs, partly because he failed to make sure Montanez succeeded. Some of the players, including Montanez and his agent, claimed that Trembley worked his players too hard.

Turns out that getting let go was the best thing that happened to the Trembley because it set him up for his managing job in Baltimore after just four years in their minor league system.

As for Lou the bar is no longer set as high as it was when received a $2.5 million dollar signing bonus in 2000. He’s no longer compared to Alex Rodriguez. He transitioned to the outfield and last season hit .295 in 38 games for the Orioles. Now he’s 27 years old and is trying to make the big leagues for the O’s in left field.

It’s an interesting situation so say the least. “I basically lost my job because it was felt that I was too tough on the kid. But we saw something there. And you don’t get those guys very often, and it was frustrating that he was not taking full advantage of it. But later on, it’s like your dad talking to you, a light goes on. He now realizes that his best interests were our best interests and I’m glad to see him doing so well,” Trembley said.