Did you know that the arch-nemisis of the Baltimore Orioles organization, Jeffrey Maier, is actually connected current hero, General Manager Dan Duquette?

In a Fox Sports EXCLUSIVE, Jon Paul Morosi points out that Maier spent a summer playing for the Pittsfield Dukes of the New England Collegiate Baseball League. That’s a long name for the team that was owned by O’s GM Dan Duquette.

Duq shared an interesting email exchange between he and Maier and discussed scouting the kid that caught Derek Jeter’s fly ball in the 1996 ALCS.

He loves baseball,” Duquette recalled of Maier, before his Orioles concluded the regular season Wednesday with a 4-1 loss to Tampa Bay. “He wrote me an email (wanting to play for the team), and I saw the name. I said, ‘Jeffrey Maier?’ Then I put two and two together. I called him back and said, ‘You’re not THE Jeffrey Maier, right?’ He said, ‘As a matter of fact, I am.’

“I did some scouting on him, and they said he was a pretty decent ballplayer. So he came and played for us. He was doing pretty well, and then he got hurt. He was a center fielder. He could play. He liked baseball. He knew baseball.”

Wikipedia says that Maier has continued the pursuit of a career in baseball. He has had internships with the YES Network, worked for the Peter Gammons at ESPN and had several interviews with MLB teams at the winter meetings for a front office job.