Is it any wonder that one of Rex Ryan’s first moves as head coach of the New York Jets was bringing fellow loud mouth linebacker Bart Scott?

Thursday after Rex and the Jets scooped up waived defensive end Trevor Pryce, Scott told the media that the Ravens were jealous of Pryce’s situation.  “I guarantee you that there’s probably guys in the same spot right now jealous as hell.”  Scott went on, “Trevor probably gets texts like, ‘Man, come get me too.’I guarantee you there’s at least 15 other players over there that’s praying to God that they get released for a half a day too, so they can come over here. They won’t admit it. But I guarantee you.”

Scott, who had one big season in 2006 with 78 tackles and 9.5 sacks, has never hit more than 67 tackles and 1.5 sacks since, though he seems to run his mouth as though he’s a ten time pro bowler (he’s been once, in 2006).  He’s on a team that won two playoff games last season with the Jets against teams whose kickers went 0 for 5 allowing the Jets miracle run through the playoffs to take place. That is until they faced Indianapolis, a game in which Scott recorded just two tackles.

So maybe Trevor Pryce is a good fit for New York. Rex took Scott, a guy who had one good season and has been average since, so Pryce, a 35 year old with one tackle this season, is probably ideal for their defense.  What are the 15 Ravens jealous of exaxtly? Is it Rex’s lacksadaisical personality?  Five missed field goals resulting in two playoff wins? Or is it because New York is a place where average players get superstar attention and older veterans get a chance to revive their careers?  Whatever the answer, I don’t think too many Ravens are jealous.