In what is perhaps one of the worst bluffs in recent memory, Carson Palmer recently requested to be “traded” out of Cincinnati this off-season.  Sources close to Palmer insist that if the Bengals QB is not traded, he is willing to “retire.”  I have no doubt that Palmer would like to be out from under the dark cloud that is the Cincinnati Bengals, that he is fed up with the losing, the missteps of his teammates and dealing with a pair of wide receivers that are more about branding themselves than winning football games.  But let’s face facts, Palmer is not going to walk away from the $50 million that he is owed over the next four years.

Palmer is trying to force the Bengals hand, but he is leaving the team between a rock and a hard place.  Palmer has little trade value because of his large contract and questions about whether or not he is a top tier QB.  The Bengals also have stated that Palmer is in their plans as the QB of the present and future.  Unless another team is willing to make a foolish trade, there is no way Palmer gets moved.

Palmer is either trying to get the Bengals attention in the hopes that management will make moves to make Palmer want to stay in Cincy, such as getting rid of Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.  It was evident that the Bengals offense had more life and cohesiveness over the last two weeks of the 2010 season without Ochocinco and Owens.  Palmer has to know that his best chance to win in Cincy is to get rid of the personalities that do not mesh well with his and be given the chance to truly be the lone voice on that offense.

Or, Palmer is trying to circumvent the NFL’s free agency rules a la Brett Farve.  If you remember (and I know you  do), the ageless wonder asked the Jets for his release citing his desire to retire.  Then turned around and signed with the Vikings while the commish sat on his hands.  Perhaps Palmer feels he could work some of the same magic.  It would be interesting to see if Roger Goodell would allow his leagues rules to be made a mockery of again.The other and slightly less likely option for Palmer is to somehow work a trade to the Ravens in the hopes of getting in on the upcoming open competition at QB.  Since it is clear Joe Flacco’s best days are behind him why not add Palmer to the mix and let him try and win the job over Flacco or Marc Bulger.

Palmer could end up playing int he NFC West and as a Ravens fan I would not mind seeing him out of the AFC North.  Palmer does always seem to save his best for the Ravens.  Will Palmer be with a new team in 2011, or will he be spending training camp and the early season trying to win back the Bengals fans?