One of my favorite off season acquisitions for the Baltimore Orioles was Gregg Zaun. I knew that he isn’t the future, in fact he’s just a place holder for Matt Wieters.

But Zaun’s defense is something that Baltimore has lacked for years and it shined through in his performance last night.


Image Courtesy of the Associated Press

For those who watched the game, you must have seen Zaun throw out Ian Kinsler in the bottom of the 1st, tag out Michael Young at the plate in the 3rd, and throw out David Murphy in the 4th.

You might be wondering what Zaun has to do with a tag at the plate, but his play secured an Oriole win last evening. Because Zaun guarded the plate, he was able to re-route Young and make a quick tag on the relay from Cesar Izturis.

It’s these little plays that make Zaun a great acquisition and it’s something that often goes overlooked.