Ravens Wide Receiver Donte Stallworth posted this on Twitter today:

An 18 game season I feel, would be detrimental to players safety. Fans already pay enough hard earned money to root for their teams as it isSun Feb 13 22:02:43 via Echofon

It was interesting for sure to see him throw in there the fan point of view.  First time I have seen a player (or any NFL representative) bring that up to this point.

The 16 vs. 18 game schedule is a big conflict that has taken the back burner as the NFL deals with its labor disputes.  While it may not be of utmost importance to league officials at this time, it can be a key concept to players, coaches, and fans while preparing the the [hopefully] 2011 season and beyond.

The thought of doing an 18 game schedule would most likely decrease the number of preseason games to 2, which, in theory, still leaves each team with 20 games.  The big issue is that the value of preseason games is so low, and very often a time for rookies and bench players to fight to earn backup spots, so the level of fierceness and competition is at a lull during that time.  With that, it would mean 2 of the games would basically be converted into more physical, meaningful contests.
Do you think the NFL should implement an 18 game schedule or keep it at 16 regular season games per season?