Position: DT/NG
College: Alabama
Height/Weight: 6’4″/354 lbs.

The nickname says it all: “Mount Cody.” The Ravens, with their second pick of the second round of the NFL Draft, chose defensive tackle Terrence Cody out of Alabama in a move to shore up the middle of the defensive line. If you look back at the Ravens history, you know that one of the keys to the defense was having a big defensive tackle plug the middle to keep teams from running inside. Think Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams from the Ravens Super Bowl winning team. With Haloti Ngata, Cody figures to form the same type of tandem in the middle to allow the linebackers to make plays from sideline to sideline and stuff runners in their tracks.

Strengths: Cody possesses great strength, and can rarely be contained by one blocker. Is rarely moved off the line of scrimmage, even when double-teamed, which allows other players to make plays.  Has great power to collapse the pocket in the middle, and has the ability to get his hands up quickly to block kicks.

Weaknesses: Cody will not be an every down player, as he was used as part of a rotation at Alabama. Has problems with his weight. Does not generate much in the way of a pass rush, even though he can knock blockers off the line of scrimmage. Tires easily, and will strictly be used against the run.

Grade: B. Despite what are looked upon as his shortcomings, Cody fills a need as a space eater on the line, which will make it tougher for teams to run against the Ravens defense, and between he and Ngata should allow the linebackers to do what they do best: cause havoc all over the field. Between he and Sergio Kindle, the Ravens found two borderline first round talents in the second round. If both Kindle and Cody play to their potential, the Ravens defense will be a formidable force for seasons to come.