The comparisons between Buck Showalter and Earl Weaver are becoming more and more frequent here in Baltimore.  As the current Orioles skipper continues to build a season worthy of the manager of the year honor, being compared to Baltimore’s most successful and beloved manager shouldn’t surprise Showalter.

On Saturday, the Orioles will honor Weaver with a statue unveiling at Oriole Park At Camden Yards. Roch Kubatko recently detailed the Showalter-Weaver relationship in a nifty little piece on

“He’s been real supportive,” Showalter said in Kubatko’s piece.  “One thing that always hits me when I talk to him is what a fan of the Orioles he is and how closely he follows us.”

The amount of respect that Showalter pays towards to the Hall of Famer is a big part of their recent bond.  “Certainly, he’d be the first to tell you he had good pitchers and players, but he’s a brilliant man,” Buck added. “Far ahead of his time. He chuckles at some of the things people are trying to act like are new in this game.”

Showalter told Kubatko that he’s had to get used to calling the Hall of Famer “Earl.”

“I tried ‘Mr. Weaver’ a few times, but he wanted no part of that.”