The continuing saga of who cheap shot who continues today with Ed Reed’s claim that Hines Warm “tried to cheap shot” him. “I moved out the way, but he came at me with his head first, [with] the crown of the helmet,” Reed said in a quote from

Ed Reed spoke out to the media after publicly supporting his team mates Jameel McClain and Haloti Ngata who were fined $40,000 and $15,000 respectively. Reed said that he hopes that offensive players are held to the same standard as defensive.

“[McClain] wasn’t trying to hurt the guy, Reed said. “He’s just playing football. [Ward] was trying to hurt me. He was trying to take me out the game.”

Ward was recently listed third dirtiest player in the NFL in a poll of 100 active players, he finished behind team mate James Harrison and Cortland Finnegan.

Reed didn’t have much faith that the NFL would do anything about Ward’s hit. “What are they going to do about that? They’re not going to do anything about that.”

I wasn’t able to see the play that Reed was talking about from the proper angle, but Mike Duffy of claims that “the action could have been accidental,” although Ward’s reputation precedes him.

Do you think Ward was trying to cheap shot Ed Reed?