Ed Reed isn't questioning Joe Flacco's manhood anymore.Remember back in January when Ed Reed said that Joe Flacco “didn’t look like he had a hold on the offense” after the Ravens defeated the Titans 20-13?

Don’t worry, Reed thinks Flacco has grown this offseason and it’s not because of workouts or on-field improvements, it’s because his wife had a baby.

“He has a lot more on his plate off the field,” Ed Reed told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.  “That makes you grow as a man.  So, it makes you deal with things differently. It makes you lead in the locker room a lot differently.”


“If you sit around and talk with Joe, you know a lot more about him. You know he is a lot calmer and a lot cooler.  We all get shaken at some times, that’s football, but Joe is going to always come back.  He is a fighter.  He is a guy that you want taking that snap at the end of the game leading your team to go into that final drive to win the game.”

I suppose that’s a compliment.

John Clayton of ESPN has also seen some improvements from Flacco in training camp, although they have nothing to do with his new baby.