Ed Reed It doesn’t matter what you think of the rule, Ed Reed broke it. You can’t hit defenseless players in the head or neck and if you do, you’ll be fined or suspended.

You can say the NFL is biased or that they hate the Ravens or aren’t really concerned with concussion injuries or list any other meaningless excuses. It doesn’t matter. Ed Reed hit Emmanuel Sanders in the head, he’s a repeat offender and now he’ll be on the bench in week 12.

The fact is that Reed doesn’t tackle. He doesn’t wrap up, he hits guys high and whether it’s accidental or not, his technique — or lack thereof — has resulted in three violations in three seasons. Perhaps Reed’s ailing hip bothers him too much to make a proper tackle, one in which he lowers his shoulders and wraps around the waist, which forces him to go in for the big pop.

If that’s the case, then maybe Reed shouldn’t be out of the field. If he’s not healthy enough to properly perform, isn’t he hurting the team?

But I’m skeptical of that hypothesis.

Reed has always gone for the big play — and often times he makes it — running in at full speed and trying to bulldozer a receiver could cause a fumble or at least a highlight reel hit. I tend to think that has more to do with his technique than his injury history.

Either way, Reed will have to change his ways. Another helmet-to-helmet hit will not only hurt his wallet a little more, but will result in a multi-game suspension.

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