Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed was a guest on The Rich Eisen Podcast on Tuesday.  Reed discussed his disappointment in his performance against the Texans, the Ravens secondary issues, laterals, retirement and a preview of Baltimore versus New Orleans.

Eisen started his interview with Reed discussing how the Ravens squeaked by the Texans on Monday Night Football. The Ravens safety took responsibility for Houston’s two big drives. “I think I hit a little stalemate last night,” Reed said.

“[It’s] like my rookie year almost, [I’m] making a lot of little mistakes and undisciplined stuff, but that can be corrected.”

Reed talked about his play against Schaub and the Texans saying that he was in the backfield watching the entire offense but that is “not the way to play the game.”

The Ravens face a big task this week when Drew Brees and the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints come to town.  “This is a great challenge that we knew was coming, so we should be ready,” he said.

Reed knows the solution to fixing his play against the Saints.  “Me personally, I’ve got to be disciplined, but, you know, just make sure that we are doing the things that we do, you know, being on the same page.”

Ed Reed’s exciting interceptions and dangerous laterals were another topic that Eisen discussed.  Reed told Eisen that he’s trying to get smarter with his pitches.  “I’m trying to get out of that mentality, you know we have an explosive offense,” he said.  “If it’s a smart pitch like the last one Rich, you know I’ll do it,” he added.

Retirement was another topic discussed in the interview.  Ed has teetered on retiring since he has been plagued with injuries, but he told Eisen that he wants to play as long as he can.  “I plan to be playing until the Ravens kick me out of here or until it’s time for me to go.”

Eisen wrapped up the interview asking Ed Reed to tell an infamous story about how he killed Reggie Wayne’s snake “Law.”  Wayne and Reed roomed together at Miami and Ed was responsible for watching his snake for a few days.  Unfortunately the snake died and Ed told Reggie with a text that read “Hey, man, Law dead.

Check out Ed Reed’s full interview with Rich Eisen.