According to Sports Illustrated, 78 percent of NFL players file for bankruptcy.  Ed Reed is working his hardest to make sure he’s not one of them.  Even if he damages his legacy along the way.

The Ravens safety didn’t attend mandatory workouts, then tweeted “tell the bosses I’m comfortable“, and most recently joined 105.7 The Fan to talk about his unknown future in football.

Yesterday on Twitter, Reed continued to lash out about his current status tweeting directly to @bmorechix a Ravens fan site for women affiliated with  “You should shut your trap hole and know I’m not asking for a dime get a real job,” Reed tweeted to @bmorechix.

Most real jobs require showing up to mandatory meetings.

And how can Reed say this isn’t money?  What’s it about then?  He’s got a year left on his six-year, $40 million contract and is due to make $7.2 million this season.  Isn’t this holdout about a longer deal?

Just come out and say it.