As The Baltimore Sun’s Matt Vensel reports, Ed Reed has threatened to boycott ESPN following the way his interview was edited in June.  You may remember that the interview highlighted answers by Reed that made it appear that the Ravens players wanted Rex Ryan to be their head coach instead of John Harbaugh.

“We wanted Rex as the head coach in Baltimore. We did not want him to leave. It hurt when he left. We knew he was a great coach,” Reed said in June.

Since then the Ravens safety has been relatively quiet, but he spoke with the Sun’s Jamison Henlsey and was not too happy about the interview on ESPN.

Reed said one more interesting thing at the end of one of his answers, suggesting that he may never do an interview with the World Wide Leader again because they created a controversy with a calculated edit. “ESPN is all about drama,” the All-Pro safety said. “It will be hard for me to do another interview with them after that.”

It’s an admirable thought that an athlete wouldn’t go back, but you have to wonder how serious Reed is about it.