The only Baltimore athlete more crazy than Kevin Gausman right now is probably Ed Reed.

The Ravens safety stuck it to the man — or the GM and coaches — on Twitter.  After considering retirement and skipping mandatory minicamps, Reeds sent a loud and clear message to the Ravens over the weekend.

Tell the bosses I’m comfortable,” he tweeted.

So it’s about money.  Shocking.

Unfortunately for him, he’s not going to get a new deal.  The 33-year-old future hall of famer has been on his last leg for years now.  He’s due to make $7.2 million this season as his six-year $44.4 million contract signed in 2006 is set to expire at the season’s end.

Cap space is tight and a longterm deal for Reed definitely isn’t what Ozzie Newsome had planned.  But it’s Reed’s last chance to get one.

Might as well try.  I guess…