Did I say something about getting some bullpen help?  Well aside from their contract offer to Kevin Gregg, the front office seems to be rather active in solving that issue.  They have just selected Adrian Rosario from Milwaukee’s Triple-A affiliate.  The Brewers then turned around to grab Pat Egan out of Norfolk, and the Mets took Pedro Beato, also out of Norfolk.  With such a flurry of moves, I wonder how this could impact an already weakened Triple-A pitching staff. 

Personally I doubt that Egan will stick with the Brewers all season, particularly after pitching to the tune of a 5.11 ERA in 37 innings after going 2.12 in 22 innings at Bowie.  I understand why Milwaukee took the chance- they are desperate for pitching help, but it seems to be that Egan will need some more time in the minors at some point.  Beato is a bigger concern.  It was a bit of a surprise when Beato wasn’t placed on the 40-man roster in preparation for the Rule 5 draft, particularly coming off of a breakout season at Bowie that would have almost certainly seen him promoted to Norfolk.  The Mets, having attempted to sign Beato in 2005 before the Orioles got to him in 2006, clearly covet the right-handed reliever and may give him quite a bit of patience this season to make the leap from Double-A to the majors.

However, as with most Rule 5 picks, odds are that they will be returned to the Orioles after the acquiring team is unable to keep them on their 25 man roster for the entire season.  But if either player is ready for the big stage, there will almost certainly be a fair share of second guessing.  Just last year Baltimore fans were concerned about Steve Johnson being taken by the San Francisco Giants.  Unable to crack their rotation (who could?), he was delivered back to Baltimore before spring training was over.

As for the Orioles’ acquisition, Rosario is as much a flier as anyone.  This was the first season the 21-year old had ever pitched above the rookie league level, pitching to a tune of a 4.50 ERA in 32 innings at Single-A Wisconsin.  I would be amazed if Baltimore had been able to find that much of a diamond in the rough that he could stay with the organization all year.  I would be shocked if he just made it out of spring training with the club.  Right now Orioles fans should be more concerned about whether they get back Egan and Beato than if Rosario pans out.

There is always the chance that Rosario could be shipped as part of yet another trade, something that has been rumored.  I am not sure how that would impact Rosario’s Rule 5 status, whether he would still have to stay with the receiving team’s major league club all season.  Nevertheless, it is something to keep an eye on.