Ellen DeGeneres enabled Baltimore most infamous sports streaker, BatmanBaltimore’s Batman streaker quickly became a Charm City icon when he ran on the field during Orioles Opening Day wearing only his Batman underwear and a cape. After receiving a lifetime ban from Camden Yards, Batman made his triumphant return during the Ravens Sunday night matchup against the Patriots when he ran on the field at M&T Bank Stadium.

This time, Batman’s chest was painted in purple with a message that read “Don’t Be A Bully” and he sported a new cape that featured Ellen DeGeneres’ face.

How in the hell did Batman get a cape with Ellen’s face on it you ask? Well, he got it from Ellen herself.

After watching Batman dance on Opening Day and and hearing that he was a fan of her show, Ellen showed off a blue bedazzled cape with her face on it that she would be giving to Mark Harvey (Baltimore’s Bruce Wayne) on her show in April.

“I don’t want to encourage behavior like that, but I will enable it,” Ellen told viewers.

And enable it she did. Batman trespassed on his second pro sports field in five months and seemed to have the support from his favorite day-time talk show host.