Ervin Santana rumors

A few months ago, Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista followed me on Twitter. Some people might feel cool knowing that a pro athlete gave them a follow, but my insecurities left me asking a number of questions:

  • Had I written something about Bautista that led him to find my Twitter account?
  • Had he suddenly taken interest in the pictures I post of my parent’s dog, Meatball?
  • Was there some other Zach Wilt that Bautista meant to follow instead?
  • Or was I really interesting enough to make the cut for Joey Bats‘ timeline?

With a little more investigating, I discovered that I wasn’t so special after all. As I write this, Bautista is currently following 157,031 people on Twitter. I just happen to be one of many, many random people on his timeline.

Today, free agent starter Ervin Santana went on a follow-spree, adding some folks in the Baltimore media. Mark Viviano, Jeremy Conn, O’s Communications, Stacy Folkemer, Mark Brown, Camden Depot, Dempsey’s Army, Camden Chat, OBP Apparel and Joe Papparotto are all among those followed by Santana.

What could it mean?

  • The Orioles are pursuing Santana so he’s keeping tabs on Baltimore by following their sports media members, bloggers and websites?
  • He’s taken up a sudden interest in Orioles news?
  • One of the O’s AL East competitors is nearing a deal with Santana so he wants to keep tabs on his new rivals?

Or just nothing at all.

Santana follows 29,801 people on Twitter. Some of them are Orioles fans, some are reporters in Sandwich, MassachusettsSeriously.

The Royals extended a qualifying offer to Santana which means the Birds would lose their first round pick if they signed him. Baltimore was reportedly among three teams (Twins and Yankees) that asked for Santana’s medicals according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal.

Last season with the Royals, he threw 211 innings over 32 starts posting a 3.24 ERA (3.93 FIP, 127 ERA+), with a 1.142 WHIP, 6.9 K/9 and 3.16 K/BB.