ESPN The Magazine cover claims Orioles will finish last
Click to enlarge/enrage.

And you wonder why Orioles fans hate the advanced stats folks? Well, here’s why.

In their most recent edition, dubbed the “Analytics Issue”, ESPN The Magazine boldy claims that “the Orioles will finish last” on their March cover. Of course, they’re using the same logic printed by the same folks that kept saying the O’s would fall back to earth through their 162 game lucky run last season.

This year’s prediction comes from the same writers that said the Orioles wouldn’t win more than 70 games last season and defended that argument with a clearly flawed run differential statistic.

You know, every city whines about how the national media dislikes their team. But how many cities have their team ripped on the cover of ESPN The Magazine the year after they won 93 freaking games?

I hope this thing is posted in everyone’s locker in the Orioles’ clubhouse. I hope they reference it in interviews throughout the season and it motivates this already hungry team even more.