ESPN has decided Ray Lewis' career will end in Sunday's Ravens-Broncos game

The folks at have already decided that Ray Lewis’ 17 year career will come to its conclusion in Denver. The front page of their NFL site contained a story titled “Thanks For The Memories…” and featured a caption that read “Your career will end in Denver.”

The opinion piece written by columnist Ashley Fox is about why the Ravens are overmatched in their Divisional playoff game against Petyon Manning and the Denver Broncos.

It will not matter. The Broncos are too relentless on defense and have too many weapons on offense. The Ravens played passionate football in Ray Lewis’ final home game on Sunday. This will be a different environment. And emotion only carries a team so far.

Opinionated pieces are what online sports writing is all about, but ESPN founded itself with deep journalistic roots. I expect to read pieces on why the Ravens will lose to the Broncos on Denver fan sites or maybe even in a Colorado paper, but not from an unbiased media outlet.

Just as Broncos fans should expect to read about why the Ravens will upset their favorite team here on BSR.

I guess all that’s all changed now. That integrity no longer exists. It’s now okay for the news outlets to post stories about why a future Hall of Famers career will end.