Here at BSR we’re not trying to kid you and act like the media. We sit in the nosebleeds just like all the other die hards in Baltimore. We constantly give you our opinion, but now we want to hear from you. That is what FAN2FAN is all about.


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Yesterday we asked you the fans what you think about adding the last original Raven, Matt Stover, to the Ring of Honor. Here were some of the comments we received.

  • @JoePolek absolutely! He has meant more to the Ravens success than anyone not named Ray Lewis.
  • @tws392000 I think that would be great, seeing as he was an original Raven (because he came over when the Browns moved)
  • @perrylimes Why not? Kickers need love too! I have to admit they are boring to watch. Field goals=pee pee break for me!
  • @jeffw171 of course! He carried that team for five games in 2000

Assuming the the Ravens and Stover part ways I think you absolutely have to put him in the Ring of Honor. He has made the most field goals (327) in the NFL since 1996, has 13 game winning field goals, had 36 consecutive field goals (3rd longest streak in NFL history), and of course he capped off his best season with 135 points in 2000 and a 34-7 Super Bowl victory.

What do you think? Should Stover be added to the ring of honor?

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