Today we start a new series FAN2FAN. Here at BSR we’re not trying to kid you and act like the media. We sit in the nosebleeds just like all the other die hards in Baltimore. We constantly give you our opinion, but now we want to hear from you.

Yesterday we projected Matt Wieters 2009 season and it got a lot of people talking.

@Cliff_Forster: “Our future Catcher will benefit from a year catching the future pitchers in AAA, I don’t think we will see him in 09 at all”


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Cliff brings up a very good point that is often overlooked. Obviously Andy MacPhail is all about taking his time with young talent and now that the Orioles have future star pitchers in their farm system their catcher should learn to work with them.

I still think that Wieters gets a shot at the Majors this season, but if he doesn’t the reasoning behind it totally makes sense.

What do you think? Should Wieters stay down to work with the Bird’s future arms or should they bring him up in ’09 and give him a taste of the bigs?

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