Evan Longoria injured his hamstring.  He’s out 6-8 weeks.  Pablo Sandoval broke the same bone in his hand that he broke last year.  He missed 6 weeks last year.  Kevin Youkilis injured his back.  All three guys are on the DL.  All three of those occurrences happened this week.  Ryan Zimmerman is also on the DL.  So the majority of the 3B’s that were drafted in the first few rounds are all out long term.  So I’d imagine that the majority of people reading this are in emergency mode.  I myself had Longoria and Sandoval both in 2 of 3 leagues.  Who do we get?  There is no way to replace the productivity of these upper-tier players, unless you constantly go with the hot hand.  Most of us don’t have that luxury because of move limits and costs per moves.  So if you need the best bet to produce for 4-6 weeks, here you go.  I’ll give you the best pickups in order of who you should get.

1.  Pedro Alvarez (PIT)- A former high pick with tons of upside.  He now has 6 HR on the season and looks to have finally broken out.  Alvarez is not only a good fill in, but he is a good pickup to keep for the rest of the season.  Make him your first choice if you lost a bat this back.  He has 30 HR potential with a pretty good average.  He is Longoria like ceiling wise.

2.  Chris Davis (BAL)- Don’t expect him to continue to hit over .300.  But you can expect his power numbers to stay.  His power is legit.  He can actually make up for the amount of homers that you will lose from not having Longoria.

3.  Mike Moustakas (KC)- He’s heating up and is actually over .300 now.  He has a huge ceiling, so he can certainly produce.  Take a chance on him if he’s there.

4.  Mark Trumbo (LAA)- If he’s been cut, he’s worth a shot.  He has tremendous power upside, as we saw last year.  His issue right now is playing time.  But he’s hitting near .300 and has a few homers this year.  I expect him to eventually play everyday.  Now that Trout is on the team the Angels can afford to have bad defense at 3B.  Hopefully he will lock that spot down.

5.  Will Middlebrooks (BOS)- Boston’s top hitting prospect.  He has come up to replace Youkilis. He has shown massive power in the  minors the last few years.  I expect him to put up decent numbers right away because of how good Boston’s lineup is.  He will give you some power.  Remember that he is a rookie though.

6.  Alex Liddi (SEA)- He’s hitting for average and hitting for power so far.  Plus he’s starting everyday at 3B.  He’s certainly a sleeper and a good option.

7.  Daniel Murphy (NYM)- He’s an average machine and most of the Mets lineup.  I expect him to stay over .300 the entire season.

8.  Martin Prado (ATL)- He will give you a decent average.  He won’t put up an elite average like Sandoval does, but he will at least keep your average respectable for the next few weeks.  Don’t expect much power at all.  The multiple eligibility could come in handy too.

9.  Jed Lowrie (HOU)- These Houston players are all playing out of their asses right now.  Lowrie does have a higher ceiling than the other players on their team right now.  He is certainly hot at the moment.  He continues to have multi-hit games.  Expect a decent average and mediocre power.

10.  Mike Aviles (BOS)- He doesn’t seem to stop hitting.  I don’t trust him that much over a 4-6 week period though.  He’s due to get cold.

11.  Ty Wigginton (PHI)- He is what he is.  A decent player, with good eligibility, who continues to perform when given the chance.  He does a little bit of everything.  No shame in owning him.

12.  Mark Reynolds (BAL)- He has to start mashing HR’s soon.  And when he does you want to own him.  His power production will completely replace your big boys.  He will go 0/4 most nights though.  High risk high reward.

13.  Robert Andino (BAL)- He continues to get hits.  He should keep your average afloat.

14.  Kyle Seager (SEA)- He’s been playing good lately, but playing time is his issue.  Mike Carp is now back. Plus Liddi is playing well. I can’t guarantee that he will play every single day.  However, he is hitting in their 4th spot, so maybe.  He’s risky.  I don’t think you need to be risky under these circumstances.

15.  Chipper Jones (ATL)- Huge injury risk himself.  He’s playing decently though.  Expect a pretty low average at this point in his career.  I’m sure there are better options available.

16.  Chris Johnson (HOU)- Right now he’s overachieving.  But he’s a hot bat at the moment.  He doesn’t have much value at all long term.  He will come back to earth, hit for an under par average, and not provide much power.  But for now he’s decent if your desperate.

17.  Steve Lombardozzi (WAS)- Playing time is his issue.  Once Zimmerman is back he may be a utility guy only.  But he is outperforming Danny Espinosa.  I would recommend him as an average guy if he were guaranteed to play.

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