Ah the Running backs, my least favorite position in fantasy football this year. How many of these guys actually stay healthy for an entire season? Not many. Running backs also don’t have very long lives in the NFL. After a good 4 or 5 years they start to show their wear and tear. The number of guys that are guaranteed to put up big numbers are slim. This is why I suggest using most of your bench for RB depth. Get at least one stud, because you’re going to need it. This season I like to use my #2 RB spot in a platooning role. I draft a bunch of young high upside backs and hope that at least 1 of them pan out to be good enough to be a starter for my team. Keep an eye on injuries throughout the year and scoop up the guys that earn starting roles.

1. LeSean McCoy (PHI)

2. Arian Foster (HOU)

3. Ray Rice (BAL)

There you have it. The only 3 locks this season. If your lucky enough to get one of these 3 guys then do it. Even Foster has had his injuries over the past few years though. His upside is just too high to ignore. These 3 guys are guys you can rely on. I like McCoy the best because I feel he has the most talent. Plus the Eagles may have to rely on him heavily if Vick gets injured. Ray Rice is great. That’s all I can really say about him.

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4. Darren McFadden (OAK)

5. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC)

6. Adrian Peterson (MIN)

7. Jamaal Charles (KC)

8. Matt Forte (CHI)

All of these guys can be taken in round 2. McFadden is the only one that you can take in round 1. He is having an impressive spring, and will be the entire Oakland offense. I think he’s going to have a monster season if he stays healthy. Like I said in my intro, most of these guys don’t stay healthy. Jones Drew is currently in a hold out, but I think he will be playing in week 1. He has to because he has no leverage in the contract talks. I trust Adrian Peterson because he’s been the top RB over the last few years. Charles put up big numbers two years ago before injury. Another injury prone RB. Shocker. Forte is solid for combined yards, but doesn’t score enough TD’s.

9. Doug Martin (TB)

10. Chris Johnson (TEN)

11. Trent Richardson (CLE)

12. DeMarco Murray (DAL)

13. Ryan Mathews (SD)

Here we see a mixture of 2nd round guys that I don’t really like, and good 3rd round guys that I have ranked high. Martin and Richardson are ranked higher. Johnson, Murray, and Mathews scare me a little. Johnson hasn’t bounced back from his one monster seasn. Murray was great in certain games last year, but also had a lot of duds. Mathews is incredibly talented but once again….he can’t stay healthy.

14. Michael Turner (ATL)

15. Reggie Bush (MIA)

16. Stevan Ridley (NE)

17. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)

18. Beanie Wells (ARI)

19. Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Turner and Bush are solid mid round RB’s that be much better than where they are being drafted. I like Ridley a lot. I think he’s going to have a break out season. You can draft him really late. Bradshaw is a good player, but may start to lose hold of his starting role. Beanie Wells is in a battle with Ryan Williams. Whoever the starter is I like. Both guys are talented. Beanie played well last year when healthy. I don’t like Lynch. He goes in round 2 and I don’t understand why. He’s old and will probably get injured from too many carries.

20. Roy Helu (WAS)

21. CJ Spiller (BUF)

22. Fred Jackson (BUF)

23. Steven Jackson (STL)

24. Frank Gore (SF)

25. Mark Ingram (NO)

Helu may not start right away because Shanahan is a fantasy nightmare. Eventually he has to be the starter, and once he is, he’s gold. Helu has a lot of talent and was consistently putting up 100 combined yd games last year. Draft him late and let him sit on your bench until he starts. Yes, I like Spiller over Fred Jackson. Spiller was awesome when he filled in for an injured Jackson last year. I don’t see Fred Jackson staying healthy. Steven Jackson and Gore are both pretty old. They are what they are. I’m not a fan of old RB’s. I feel that Ingram is more talented than the other 800 RB’s that New Orleans has. It may take him awhile to be the top point scorer, but he’s worth waiting on.

26. Ronnie Hillman (DEN)

27. David Wilson (NYG)

28. Ben Tate (HOU)

29. Domonic Brown (IND)

30. Isaac Redman (PIT)

31. Peyton Hillis (KC)

32. Ryan Williams (ARI)

33. Darren Sproles (NO)

34. Toby Gerhart (MIN)

35. DeAngelo Williams (CAR)

36. Kendall Hunter (SF)

37. Robert Turbin (SEA)

38. Isaiah Pead (STL)

39. Mikel LeShoure (DET)

40. Cedric Benson (GB)

41. Rashad Jennings (JAC)

42. Willis McGahee (DEN)

We’re in the territory of bad starters and solid backups. Not much else I can say about these guys. If they are a starting RB and I have them ranked this low, I don’t like them. If they are a backup RB and I have them ranked this high, I really like them. Either let them sit on your bench for half the year, or grab them when the guy in front of them goes down.

43. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)

44. Jahvid Best (DET)

Both of these guys are going to miss about half of the season. Nobody else underneath here are sure things. They are all late round picks that you really have to like to take a chance on. Rodgers is being drafted much higher than #45 overall. He’s like a bunch of other small RB’s that aren’t good enough to be starters. If he were ever a starter, he’d fail. I’m a fan of drafting multiple Redskin RB’s and plugging in the guy that starts. That’s not just because I’m a Redskins fan either. It’s because the team will be a running team and all Shanahan RB’s turn out to be gold.

45. Jacquizz Rodgers (ATL)

46. Alfred Morris (WAS)

47. Dexter McCluster (KC)

48. Delone Carter (IND)

49. Jonathan Stewart (CAR)

50. Shonn Greene (NYJ)

51. Kevin Smith (DET)

52. Bilal Powell (NYJ)

53. LaGarrette Blount (TB)

54. Benjarvus Green-Ellis (CIN)

55. Pierre Thomas (NO)

56. Michael Bush (CHI)

57. Daniel Thomas (MIA)

58. Jonathan Dwyer (PIT)

59. Ronnie Brown (SD)

60. Felix Jones (DAL)

61. Evan Royster (WAS)

62. Tim Hightower (WAS)

63. James Starks (GB)

64.  Shane Vereen (NE)

65. John Kuhn (GB)

TE rankings will be tomorrow. Defense/Kicker rankings on Friday. Leave questions and comments.