With week 1 of fanasy football in he books, there are plenty of breakout guys to through free agency and your waiver wire. Remember not to go crazy and cut any studs who may have value later on. It’s only been a week, so hold on to guys like Fred Jackson who may be out for a while. Also, hold on to guys like Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, and DeAngelo Williams. You can’t cut guys just because they had one bad game. Most of them are just as likely to have bounce-back games next week. Let’s take a look at some good pickups for week 2 and for the rest of the season.

CJ Spiller (RB, BUF): I had him ranked ahead of Fred Jackson for a reason on my 2012 RB rankings. The starting RB job is already his thanks to a Jackson injury. Spiller is a high-ceiling back that puts up gigantic fantasy numbers every time he starts. He was extremely effective as a starter at the end of the year last year, and had the biggest game of any RB in the league this week. As a starter Spiller will put up 1st round numbers. How long will Jackson be out? Even if it’s only 1 week I’d want Spiller. There’s a chance Jackson is out long term though. In that case Spiller is a must have.

Mark Sanchez (QB, NYJ): I know he faced a terrible Bills defense this past week. But he’s also determined to succeed because of the Tebow competition. Competition is a good thing. Sanchez is worth a backup QB spot at this point.

Kevin Kolb (QB, ARI): Call me crazy, but I don’t think Kolb is as terrible as most people. He did have a relatively high ceiling when he came to the NFL. Now that he’s had to re-earn his spot he may have learned a valuable lesson. He looked good while leading the Cardinals to a 4th quarter win. He also has the 2nd most talented WR in the league to throw to.

Alshon Jeffery (WR, CHI): When a high ceiling rookie WR makes an immediate impact you pick him up. He’s clearly the second best target on the team and will benefit from the Brandon Marshall double coverage.

Randall Cobb (WR, GB): Really really liking what I see here. Cobb could be used like Percy Harvin is used. He gets passes from the best QB in football and he gets a few rushing attempts. He’s slowly becoming my new “must have” player. Cobb is a great #3 WR and an amazing flex.

Stephen Hill (WR, NYJ): Another talented rookie who made an immediate impact. Hill could be the Jets most productive WR this season. Grab him right now if he’s available.

Kevin Ogletree (WR, DAL): He’s the #3 WR for Dallas, but the Cowboys could have a power offense this season. He was good for 114 yards and 2 td’s in week 1. Last year Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Laurent Robinson were all serviceable WR options for Dallas. Ogletree could fill the void left by Robinson. He will be risky each week, but he’s good for WR depth.

Dexter McCluster (WR/RB, KC): I’ve always liked McCluster. He has a unique skill set that I really like. Good to see him have an 80 yard game in the very first game. His eligibility gives him unique value. Good to own in deep leagues.

Danny Amendola (WR, STL): #1 WR for STL. He won’t be consistent, but he will have some decent games. A decent weekly option at your flex spot or as a backup.

Alfred Morris (RB, WAS): He’s the starter for now. 98 yards and 2 TD’s is certainly worth owning. As a Redskins fan, I still like Helu better. For now Morris is worth owning and starting. Eventually I see Helu being the featured back.

Ryan Williams (RB, ARI): Didn’t look good in week 1, but that’s okay. Seattle has a tough defense. The good news is that Williams is apparently the starter over Beanie. He is also less injury prone. So you can expect bigger numbers when the Cardinals face weaker defenses.

Jonathan Dwyer (RB, PIT): He is better than Isaac Redman.

Kevin Smith (RB, DET): So far so good. I do think he overachieved somewhat this week and may not have too many nice games left. But he might have another 1 or 2 left in him. At least he actually starts.

Coby Fleener (TE, IND): Luck likes his TE. And he’s the only real target on that team besides Reggie Wayne. Fleener is at least worth a backup TE spot.

Kyle Rudolph (TE, MIN): He will be hit or miss most weeks. It will be virtually impossible to know when to start him. But he does have upside. This makes him a backup or bye week TE.

Houston Defense: They are a legit top tier defense this year. They also have another easy match up with Jacksonville in week 2.

Oakland Defense: They play Miami week 2. Anyone that plays Miami is a good defense to have.

Washington Defense: Easy week 2 match up agianst St. Louis. Underrated defense.

Direct all of your fantasy questions to @FantasyGodBSR. I will be available to answer start/sit questions on Sunday mornings.