A lot happened in Week 2 of the NFL season. Now that we have been able to see what guys have done for more than one week it’s easier to assess their value. Consistency is the name of the game. Target consistent players. That way your not left taking too many risks each week.

I make 100’s of predictions a week. I respond to and give advice to people through comments, email, text, Facebook, and Twitter. Since the NFL is so unpredictable I guess I’ll have to be wrong every once in awhile. There are a few guys who I am now sold on and that you should pick up.

Cam Newton (CAR QB)– He had fluke written all over him. How could this unproven rookie come into the NFL during his first season, and play for a bad team, and instantly produce? It was very unlikely. But then he almost beat Green Bay and threw for 432 yards, while rushing for 53 with a TD. I still don’t think he will put up dominating numbers like this every single week, and I still don’t think he is a #1 fantasy QB. I think he is a solid backup, is good to ride while hot, but is still a risky start. Because of his inexperience he could really hurt you during any random week. I’m not saying to start him, but I am saying that I now honor your Newton pickups.

Fred Davis (WAS TE)– I thought Cooley still had a lot left in the tank. But Davis is too big, too strong, and too fast to be held down. I thought Arizona would target him this week and not let him beat them. But that didn’t happen. Davis is still risky because of the threat of Cooley, but he should produce every week by Tight End standards. And by Tight End standards 60 yards is a good day. I can see him giving you yardage or a TD each week. Yes he is a legit fantasy starting TE.

Pick these guys up:
Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF QB)- He can’t still be available. If he is then get him. He has a big arm and has some legit weapons. Very good backup QB that is good enough to start against good matchups.

Matt Hasselbeck (TEN QB)- He wasn’t done. And a change of scenery has rejuvenated him. Two very solid weeks in a row for Hasselbeck, inluding a good one against a good Ravens defense. And looking ahead at his schedule there are only 2 or 3 weeks that scare me.

Vince Young (PHI QB)- Michael Vick left the Sunday Night game with a concussion. That leads me to believe that he will miss at least one week. Young practiced late in the week for Philly, and they are going to have to get him back to start the next game. I could see him having a big game just like Vick did in this same situation last year.

Blaine Gabbert (JAC QB)- Only pick him up if your in a deep league and you a desperate for a QB. He will probably be the starter next week after entering the game and going 5/6 for 52 yards. I don’t expect much from a rookie QB not named Cam, but at least he will finally start.

Nate Burleson (DET, WR)- Will gets lots of catches. Stafford is an MVP candidate and Calvin Johnson gets double covered…a lot.

David Nelson (BUF WR)- Buffalo now has a decent offense that can spread the ball around. When Stevie Johnson is double teamed Nelson gets catches. In week 1 he had 66 yards, and in week 2 he had 83 with a TD. That’s consistency. Not a bad #3 or backup WR to have.

Antonio Brown (PIT WR)- This is starting to get repetitive. A lot of them are the same guys I listed last week. I said I thought these guys would produce, and then this week they did produce. Brown gets a lot of targets thrown his way. This week he caught 4 of them for 67 yards. He also returns punts and even rushed the ball 1 time.

Devery Henderson (NO WR)- I told you to get him last week. If you didn’t listen you missed out on 103 yards and a TD. He only has one or two more good weeks left in him, so get him.

Nate Washington (TEN WR)- At this point Kenny Britt is a legit #1 WR. And every team that passes the ball a lot and has a legit #1 WR has a valuable #2 WR. Cue Washington. He will get catches, yards, and some TD’s. Good #3-#4 WR most weeks.

Jabar Gaffney (WAS WR)- He has great chemistry with his college QB Grossman. He also gets a lot of looks in the red zone. He isn’t a big yardage guy, but he will score TD’s.

Eric Decker ( DEN WR)- I don’t know a whole lot about him but he’s produced 2 weeks in a row. This week he lit it up for 113 yds and 2 TD’s. You might as well pick him up and stash him incase he stays consistent. Orton likes to make nobody WR’s superstars.

Preston Parker (TB WR)- If your in a deep league look at Parker. He is only 24 years old and is getting a lot of passes thrown his way. In week one he had 4 catches for 44 yards, and in week 2 he had 6 catches for 98 yards. He may be emerging as their #2 WR.

James Starks (GB RB)- Unless your in a very shallow league he’s probably not available. Just in case he is I listed him. He is now the starter in GB. They were down most of the game this week so they didn’t run a whole lot, but during normal weeks they will. Starks got the most carries this week, will continue to get the most carries each week, and has 2 TD’s in the first 2 weeks.

Daniel Thomas (MIA RB)- I actually saw him cut in some leagues. Those of you who weren’t patient with a top rookie who only missed 1 week missed out on 18 carries for 107 yards.

Dexter McCluster (KC, RB)- Funny how I just mentioned him in the last pickup blog saying that I saw big things coming for him and now he appears to be the starter. If your not really a football fan you haven’t heard yet that Jamaal Charles is out for the season. Thomas Jones and McCluster will both get carries, but Jones is bad. i wouldn’t touch him. I do like McCluster. He is explosive. He also catches a lot of balls and may actually be listed as a WR/RB in your league. If he is then you gotta get him and start him at WR each week.

Roy Helu (WAS RB)- I can’t really tell you when to start him, but if you need a RB real bad I’d pick him up. He is going to get his fair share of carries in a Shanahan run heavy offense. He has obviously moved over Torrain on the depth chart and is the #2. He has a lot of talent so he will do a lot with those carries.

Tennessee Titans Defense- Held the bad Jaguars to 16 points. Then held the Ravens to 13 points. They have Denver and Cleveland coming up. Both aren’t tough matchups. Eventually they also play IND, CIN, CAR, ATL, and BUF.


Week 2 Flukes:
Jason Campbell (OAK QB)- Buffalo has a bad defense. That’s the only reason why terrible Campbell was able to put up numbers this week. Don’t touch him. Ever.

Andy Dalton (CIN QB)- He had a good matchup this week. Although he does have some more favorable matchups coming up, I don’t like him against the SF defense at all.

Denarius Moore (OAK WR)- No catches in week 1. Fluke week for Jason Campbell. 146 and a TD out of nowhere this week? Not buying it.

Jerome Simpson (CIN WR)- I like him. But there too many weapons on that team for him to get consistent catches. AJ Green should continue to get catches. After that he has to compete with Shipley and Gresham, amoung others.

Willis McGahee (DEN RB)– Sorry Willis.  I’m not sure about the severity of Knowshon Moreno’s injury, or how long he will be out, but regadless the upcoming matchups aren’t good for any DEN RB.Sorry Willis. I’m not sure about the severity of Knowshon Moreno’s injury, or how long he will be out, but regadless the upcoming matchups aren’t good for any DEN RB.

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