Christian Ponder (MIN QB)– I wrote about him last week too. I like him. (Besides Newton) He is the best rookie QB this year. He’s on bye next week so he won’t help you then, but after that he’s a fine backup QB. He’s also a guy to pay attention to in the coming years.

Matt Moore (MIA QB)- The only reason why I like him a little bit is because he is a decent runner. He’s had a few attempts at rushing before, but this week he had 5 rushes for 31 yds and a TD. I always thought Moore had potential when he was with CAR and with a couple decent targets in MIA he can be a solid backup. I like Marshall, Bess, and Hartline. Miami is starting to look better and their schedule over the next few weeks is a little easier than what they’ve played lately.

Michael Crabtree (SF WR)- He’s finally arrived. Crabtree has major potential after being the 10th pick overall in the 2009 draft. Things looked good for him in week 6 after he got 9 receptions for 77 yards. The high reception total impressed me. So I told everyone to start him this past week. And he responded with 5 receptions for 54 yards and his first TD of the season. And he did that during a week where most people were saying the matchup for him was tough because of the coverage. Crabtree may not be completely consistent because he has an awful QB throwing to him. If he had someone like Brees throwing to him right now he would be elite #1 WR good. So owners of him have to suffer because of the QB situation. You can’t let that hold you back. Start him as your #3 WR each week and hopefully the high upside will turn into consistent results. It’s going to be a pretty good second half of the season for him regardless.

Victor Cruz (NYG WR)- If he was still available in your league then he has to be owned now. He’s at the point where he should be 100% owned. FIrst it looked like a hot start and now he’s shown consistency. He puts up a nice point total every single week. After another 99 yds and a TD this week, I’d say you can trust him. Did I mention Hakeem Nicks left with an injury? Cruz might be their #1 guy now.

Mario Manningham (NYG WR)- Like I just said, Nicks left with an injury. That means much more passes for Manningham. If Nicks misses time, and if Cruz gets all the attention, Manningham could have some big games coming up. 63 yds and a TD this past week while Nicks was absent is a good sign.

Antonio Brown (PIT WR)- As long as Hines Ward is out he will produce. When Ward returns he will likely steal his receptions. Unless Pittsburgh has finally smartened up and has realized that getting Ward the ball isn’t worth it. It takes him too many receptions to actually put numbers up. The team has been more successful recently while Brown has been active. So for now he still needs to sit on your bench while you wait….unless Ward misses even more time.

Eric Decker (DEN WR)- He’s Tebow’s #1 guy. Which means his yards won’t be very consistent. He could still make a decent WR #3 or flex starter during good matchup weeks.

Danario Alexander (STL WR)- I know he missed the game this week. He always misses games. He is hurt…a lot. But when he actually plays he performs. If both him and Bradford are back next week he could perform. Especially with Lloyd on the team now.

Daniel Thomas (MIA RB)- It’s a long shot that he was cut by someone in your league but if he was pick him up. He’s been banged up all year but when he has played he’s played very well. After finally sitting a week out he should come back stronger next week.

Roy Helu (WAS RB)- Nobody in the Redskins offense did anything (except Fred Davis who is a beast.) Torain failed. So it could be time for Helu to get his shot. And when he gets it he will succeed. Because Helu has a lot of talent and potential. He won’t be the starter quite yet, but Torain will fail again before long.

Brandon Jacobs (NYG RB)- Well Ahmad Bradshaw left this past week’s game with an injury. The same foot injury that has bothered him for a few years. If he would happen to miss any time at all Jacobs is a capable replacement. If you have room go ahead and stash him now. If Bradshaw misses time then Jacobs could be a good flex play on your team. If Bradshaw doesn’t miss any time then you can just cut him.

Javon Ringer (TEN RB)- Seriously what happened to Chris Johnson? He dropped off the face of the earth. Is he done? I keep holding out hope, but every single week it looks worse and worse for him. So apparently Tennessee is sick of it too because they gave Ringer the same number of carries as him. And guess what? Ringer did more with the carries than CJ did. 60 yds rushing. Plus he added 42 yds receiving. Stash him for now.

Keiland Williams (DET RB)- Right now Maurice Morris is the starter and getting most of the carries. But he is Maurice Morris. Williams is a much better runner and will probably earn the role eventually. If you have room he’s certainly low risk. Don’t play him until he takes over the carries though.

Jared Cook (TEN TE)- I told you weeks ago to get him. He’s consistent now.

Brent Celek (PHI TE)- He just peaked for the season but he still has upside.

Jake Ballard (NYG TE)- He’s been consistent for a few weeks now. If nothing else he should get you around 50 yds receiving every week.

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