Hi guys! I’m Lindsey, I’ve been with the BSR team for about a month and a half now and this is my Fave Five! Every Saturday I’ll be bringing you a Top 5 list somehow related to the Baltimore sports world, mixed in with a little fun and charm.

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This week’s theme relates mildly to the beauty that was the Ravens’ Week 12 win over the 49ers. I’m not that big of a fan of facial hair, but I am a fan of adventure.

1) Joe Flacco’s Fu Manchu. It’s inevitable. Joe gets a lot of hate for not being a leader, but to do something like this, especially at such a crucial time in the season, shows he has more character than people think he does. It also doesn’t hurt that if the Ravens keep winning, he has to keep looking silly.

2) Brady Anderson’s perfect sideburns. I truly wonder how long it took him to get them that perfect. Apparently he still has them.

3) Luke Scott’s offseason beard. Orioles players used to only be allowed to sport facial hair in the offseason, for fear that they wouldn’t look “presentable” during the season. Thankfully, that policy has been relaxed recently.

4) Cam Cameron’s post-embarrassment beard. After embarrassing losses to the Jags and the Seahawks, Ray Rice appeared to get more touches, while Cam’s razor got less. Hopefully he makes it a No-Shave December as well, because the Ravens cannot afford to lose to another losing team. I support the Cambeard.

5) Eddie Murray’s vast array of superb facial hair. Eddie Murray had swag before “swag” was even a noun.


Hope you enjoyed my first Fave Five list! I’ll be posting another next week on a new topic. Until then, don’t forget to check in with me on the BSR Tumblr!