Lil Wayne is notorious for being a Green Bay Packers fan from his song “Green and Yellow”, written for last year’s Super Bowl. Paul Rudd is known for loving the Kansas City Chiefs and narrated the HBO special “Hard Knocks” when they featured the Chiefs’ training camp. Ben Affleck is spotted wearing New England Patriots gear all the time.

From actors to rappers to pro skateboarders, there are plenty of celebrities that hail from Charm City. But how many of them are die-hard Baltimore Sports fans? After the jump, I count down five celebrities that rock the purple and black (and orange, too) from NYC to LA and back to M&T.

5) Michael Phelps. An Olympic swimmer (with sixteen medals to be exact) who was born and raised in Baltimore, is not only a huge Ravens fan, but a friend to the team as well. He is spotted on the sidelines a few times a season, and has been made an honorary captain allowing him to be present for an opening coin-toss or two. In 2008, M&T Bank even allowed ticket holders to stay after a Ravens game to cheer on Phelps’ final race on the stadium screens.

4) Stacy Keibler. Stacy’s resume includes: model, actress, WWE wrestler, George Clooney’s girlfriend, and also, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader. She was a cheerleader in ’98-’99 while attending Towson University. Just recently, she was seen at M&T with George Clooney (a Bengals fan) on a date to the Bengals game. Any girl who can get away with her boyfriend taking her to a rivalry game, just days after having elbow surgery is a fan in my book.

3) Edward Norton. Originally from Columbia, Ed Norton has mentioned in interviews several times that he is an O’s fan. He was involved in plenty of Cal Ripken’s retirement events, and attended his Hall of Fame ceremony in 2007. Norton celebrated his birthday this August, and his birthday wish? For Ripken to “revive our poor team.”

2) Carmelo Anthony. Although he was originally born in Brooklyn, New York, Carmello moved to Baltimore as a child, and attended Towson Catholic High School. He is currently playing in the NBA for the New York Knicks, was part of the US National Team, and works with countless charities. During the Ravens/Steelers game, Anthony’s wife tweeted that after Torrey Smith’s game winning catch, he was running circles around the living room while screaming. Us too, Carmelo, us too.

1) Josh Charles. An actor, who grew up in Baltimore until he was a teenager, Josh Charles wins my number one pick for celebrity die-hard Baltimore sports fan. A visitor of the Castle, not only did he stage a bet with Jimmy Fallon (forcing him to keep an Ed Reed bobble head on his desk for an entire show, plus forced Fallon to wish all Ravens fans a Happy Thanksgiving win), he also turned down a role for a film because they wanted to film on Sundays. That’s a fan.