There’s been a little criticism of Baltimore’s rookie quarterback Joe Flacco so far in his two playoff games. While on paper it doesn’t look so great, Flacco’s play certainly suffices and its the key for Baltimore to continue its post season success against the Steelers this week in the AFC Championship.

Flacco being drafted

Against the Titans, Flacco was 11 for 22 with 161 yards and a touchdown, with most of the yards coming from two deep passes. Here is the biggest number though folks, 0 interceptions. In fact the Ravens didn’t turn the ball over at all against Tennessee versus 3 Titan turnovers. Ravens win 13-10.

In Miami, Flacco’s numbers were similar. 9 for 23 with 135 yards and a rushing touchdown. Once again, 0 interceptions. The Ravens did turn the ball over once but the Dolphins lost it 5 times. Ravens win 27-9.

Joe Flacco is the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to win two post season games. There’s a good number for you…2 and 0.

CBS interviews Joe Flacco after his 13-10 playoff victory over the Tennessee Titans.

Joe’s numbers don’t look great, but if he continues to win the turnover battle the Ravens stand a great chance against the Steelers.