I thought the Orioles had addressed the open color analyst when the brought back Mike Flanagan back into the booth, but yesterday during the Orioles/Yankees Spring Training game, Gary Thorne announced that four other former Orioles will stop by the booth to break down the club.

Eddie Murray, Brady Anderson, Mike Boddicker and Ben McDonald will join the game broadcast team for nearly a dozen games a piece.

It’s a move that I’m glad the Orioles made, replacing Buck Martinez was tough and I think it’s important that the club connects with fans through their former players a little better than they have in the past.

Peter Schmuck made an interesting point in his post about this subject, it should be fun to see buzz around Eddie Murray’s broadcast debut since he had a rough history with the Baltimore media.

There aren’t a whole lot of franchises that have rotating color analysts, but I think it will make the game broadcasts a little more exciting. It will be interesting to get Murray’s opinion on the team and also have Boddicker’s on varying subjects. Gary Thorne does a great job of breaking the game down with his analysts, so I’m sure the transition between guys will be virtually seamless.

Alsom, the O’s bring together a group of former players from a span of different time periods in their history, which is exciting for fans of different ages.

For myself, as a kid I was a big Brady Anderson fan. His poster hung on my door and I remember going out to the yard and sitting in the centerfield and watching him play. I liked his input last season during an O’s/Angels game and think he will be a fine addition to the broadcast.

What do you think of MASN’s rotating color analysts?