Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick published his thoughts on the NFL’s week two action on  Billick wrote an entire section in his column on questionable coaching decisions made by the Harbaugh brothers, John and Jim, in their team’s losses to the Titans and Cowboys respectively.

Coach Billick questioned John Harbaugh’s call to kick a field goal with the Ravens down by 13 points on a 4th and goal with 6:58 remaining in the game.  “After two drops in the end zone, coach John Harbaugh decided to kick the field goal and cut the lead to 10,” Billick wrote.  “The problem, the Ravens would need two more possessions to tie the ball game, and in the end, they barely even got it back once.”

Billick said that he can’t fault John Harbaugh for “taking the points,” but that it would have been easier to go for the touchdown and limit the damage to one possession.  “In the end, it didn’t matter much anyway, the Titans went right back and scored a field goal of their own, which put us right back to where we started,” he wrote.