Red Sox manager Terry Francona expressed his annoyance to Buck Showalter’s comments about Boston’s General Manager Theo Epstein. Francona said he thought Showalter “was a little but out of line,” according to’s Britt Ghiroli, who caught up with Francano before Sunday’s game against Baltimore.

In case you’ve missed this ongoing saga, Showalter told Men’s Journal that he would like to see how smart Epstein would be with Tampa Bay’s payroll and said he likes “whipping their butt” with their $205 million payroll.

“I don’t think he’d be appreciating if I said something about Andy, which I wouldn’t,” Francona said. “And for the record, I think Andy’s really good.” Me too Terry.

Ghiroli also talked about Showalter’s comments with President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail. “I think we all understood when we interviewed Buck, one of the things we were looking to get was somebody that has a personality about him, has some success,” MacPhail said.

In a later blog post, Ghiroli points out that the Red Sox organization has added a section to their game notes called “Theo’s Tenure,” before their game against the Orioles on Sunday.

Here’s what it says: “Theo Epstein has led Boston to 6 playoff appearances and 6 95-win seasons in years since taking over as GM, prior to 2003. Under Epstein, the Sox lead MLB in World Series titles (2), and postseason series wins (8)…He was named GM of the decade by Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News…Boston was also tabbed by Baseball America as having the best amateur drafts of the last decade.”

I was told this is a new addition to the game notes. Interesting timing isn’t it?

Nothing Showalter said was incorrect. For whatever reason large market teams don’t like when their huge payrolls are brought to light. Buck is the man.