Fred DavisIf you’re looking for a good read this Tuesday afternoon, might I suggest Luke Mullins’ column on Fred Davis‘ nightclub trial.

Davis allegedly dumped juice on a celebrity “madam/pimpette” — that’s what she’s referred to in the column — and threw an empty pitcher at her head. Makini Chaka, the pimpette, revealed some particularly humorous commentary on the relationship between the Redskins and Ravens players.

The incident in question took place on January 6, 2011, during a surprise party for Davis thrown by his Redskins teammates at Josephine Nightclub. Chaka said she arrived at with a number of Ravens players, including Denver Broncos runningback Willis McGahee, whom she identified as a client. “The Redskins and the Ravens players don’t get along,” Chaka testified.

“A lot of the Redskins players are jealous of the Ravens players because they are a better team.”

Chaka was standing with a group of Ravens players when Davis approached her, Chaka testified. Davis grabbed her wrist aggressively and cussed at her, Chaka said. Chaka responded by her throwing a drink in his face.